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About Us

Vegan Snatched is an online shop selling products that are suitable for any Vegan lifestyle. It aids the customer by placing emphasis on the materials used that are normally a concern to any Vegan. It attempts to cut out the process of having to read the small print that confirms whether the product is e.g. Vegan-friendly PU leather or genuine, by beginning each product title with the Vegan-friendly material being used in order to reassure the customer. 

To be Vegan is not just about one's diet. It is a lifestyle, and therefore it is so much more than just the food a Vegan eats. Vegan Snatched's focus is on animal welfare in all the non-food products it sells. With animal-based and non-animal-based products being used in all the types of categories in other stores, great efforts and research have been made to pick out only the Vegan-friendly non-animal-based ones, ultimately saving time for the Vegan customer and giving them reassurance that they are actually promoting animal welfare and preventing cruelty by purchasing these products. 

Veganism is definitely booming and Vegan Snatched knows that it can make a difference as the more that people buy from stores like this, the less that animal-based products will be sold in other stores, and over time ultimately a reduction in animal-based products being produced will be seen. 

A Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our Vegan-friendly products, the extra reassurance that you are buying cruelty-free and the time saved from not having to read the small print and so offer a 30 day money back guarantee policy.

"You don't have to be Vegan to shop here,
but it helps...
...the animals"

Ben the shop mascot

Ben, the shop mascot


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